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{mosimage}You want something. You have goals. You have dreams. The reason I know that you have dreams and goals is that as a Sales Professional or Business Leader, it’s just in your nature. It is likely that you chose sales as your profession because you recognize that no other career in business today offers more opportunities for achievement and success. 

As individuals our goals and dreams are unique. For some of you, what you want can be complex and for others extremely simple. Some of you want bigger homes, financial independence or cool toys. Others want to put their kids through college without going broke or have more time to spend with them while they are little. Some of you are looking for better personal relationships, career advancement or more money. What matters most is that you find a way to get what you want, and that you leverage your talents to make your dreams come true.

Defining what you want will not be easy. It will take practice and patience. Get some help from your significant other, your friends, manager or a coach. They can provide you with perspective and feedback that will help you be honest with yourself. Of course, the most important thing you can do is start! A written goal is motivation’s playing field. When you write down your goals you turn energy into action. Action is motion. Motion creates momentum. Momentum moves you forward towards your dreams.

Do you know what you want? Do you have a dream? Do you know what motivates you to get up each morning, hit the streets and be your very best? Think about it... then write it down.

Five PowerPrinciples for Winning Goals

1. Goals Must Be Specific: This means exact, clear, precise, and unambiguous.

2. Goals Must Be Time Bound: The act of defining "when" creates urgency. Urgency forces action, harnessing your desire, removing complacency, and overcoming procrastination.

3. Goals Must Be Attainable: It is important to shoot for the stars and ignore the limits. However, if too many of your goals are long shots you’ll end up becoming frustrated. Getting regular wins helps you stay motivated and on track.

4. Goals Have Steps to Success: Big goals are always achieved through a series of small, measurable steps, and these Steps to Success (your plan) must be defined and written down if you want your big dreams to come true.

5. Goals Must Be Written Down: A written goal is a powerful force. It constantly tugs at you, pulling and pushing you towards your destination. It is there, written in stone, and it cannot be ignored until it has been reached. The PowerPrinciples Goal Sheet™ is designed to help you write down your goals and plan your Steps to Success. Get a free PowerPrinciples Goal Sheet™.


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