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7 Useful Questions to Ask During Your Next Interview
December 26, 2011
Sales Gravy

By Rob Kelly

On the next interview  you go on, I recommend that you take some control.   Don’t let the hiring manager ask all the questions; ask your own!  A good hiring manager will welcome your curiosity.

Here are some examples of useful questions to ask the interviewer:

1) Would you please describe purpose/mission statement & set of values?

2) What are the company’s greatest challenges (or priorities) your company faces right now?

3) Who would I report to and how does our team fit within the rest of the company structure?

3) Who are the shareholders/owners of the company?

4) What is the path to earning more responsibilities?

5) How are priorities set?

6) How does feedback work…how often will I receive feedback on performance?

7) How does compensation work? Is salary the only component, or are their equity or bonus/commission programs? What opportunities are there for me to grow your compensation?

When searching for a good job, it’s even more important to get your questions answered than just answer the employer’s questions.


Rob Kelly is a globally recognized CEO, advisor and writer. He has served as CEO of Ongig, Hot Topic Media and Mojam and held executive positions at Topica and CMP Media. Before that, Rob was a journalist for Information Week Magazine where he interviewed Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other business leaders. Rob began his love of business early, attending his first shareholder/board meeting when he was 16 years old. More on Rob can be found at

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