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Successful Elements for Writing the Perfect Executive Resume
February 8, 2012
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prof_pic_small.jpg By Jewel Bracy DiMaio

By the time you’ve ascended to the executive level, years have added up and achievements have accumulated. The task of harnessing a lengthy career trajectory into a two-page resume can seem daunting, particularly at the CEO, CFO, SVP, Director, or similarly senior level. Yet it must be done in a way that tells a story which is all at once logical, cohesive, and illuminating.

“Illuminating” is what we’re going to focus on. The No. 3 success element for your executive resume is this: make sure to tell an illuminating story.

There’s much more on the #3 factor, plus all top 5 success elements for your executive CV in our webinar, “How to Write a Perfect Resume.” Following is an introductory how-to guide:

First of all, what are we illuminating? Your expertise? No. Your accomplishments? No.  Of course we emphasize and highlight those points, but that’s not what I’m talking about here and now. Your executive resume is supposed to shine a light on youwho you are, what your passion is, and how you’re going to use that passion to deliver value to your next employer.

So what does this mean? Go above and beyond in your executive resume by considering the following questions: 1) What it is about you that makes you consistently excellent at what you do? 2) What do you do that other people on similar levels in similar roles don’t do?  3) How are you known professionally, as a person who can come into an organization and definitely accomplish what?

Encapsulating your expertise, accomplishments, and achievements into a story should prove to be significantly better than merely listing the facts, figures, and dollar values, and expecting the reader to determine what your main message is.

There are additional questions to explore; these are a few intended to get your wheels turning about who you really are, and the story you really want to tell. Find out more in our webinar, “How To Write A Perfect Resume.” The webcast teaches you the right things to do in your specific situation, and how to leverage your masterful executive resume for the most effective job search.


Jewel Bracy DeMaio, CPRW, ACRW, CEIP, specializes in executive resume development, with work published in numerous resume books in the last 15 years. If you are an executive with lengthy history, strong expertise, and many achievements, Ms. DeMaio can express your authentic story so employers take notice. Get your complimentary resume and job search BluePrint, and custom quote today: