When the price shopping prospect asks the salesperson to “put something together,” non-assertive salespeople go along to get along and invest time on writing proposals they have no hope of winning. They avoid rocking the sales boat and avoid truth telling conversations. by Colleen Stanley ... more

Great teachers use stories as a way to make a point memorable. We read. We hear. We remember.  Facts tell. Emotion sells.  by Eileen McDargh In the age of 144 characters, Instagram, and OMG, BFF and LOL, authentic communication has taken a back seat to brevity and expediency, often at th... more

Sales prospecting can be tedious, intimidating, and terribly discouraging.  Yet, it still has to be done.  Why not make a game out of it and get past the boredom? by Kendra Lee You’ve probably heard the saying that it takes 10 “no’s” to get one “yes,” but I think that number is o... more

So I called him up. “Jim. It’s Jill calling. I know you’re concerned about bringing me in to train all your sales guys. But I just want you to know that I have more balls than those two other male trainers combined. That’s all I have to say.” I got the job. by Jill Konrath I’ve bee... more

Millennials can be challenging. Josiane Feigon shows how managing them correctly can make all the difference in success or failure.  by Josiane Feigon, an excerpt from Smart Selling on the Phone and Online It was the first worldwide sales kickoff for Ellen’s inside sales team and they were ... more

The salesperson in me would love to be spontaneous and make decisions based on my gut instincts. But the business owner in me knows that your gut can only take you so far before you must confirm and adjust your direction based on the numbers. by Kendra Lee It’s that time of year again when w... more

Until the obstacle of an unfriendly website is removed, then learning more about social media will probably not secure the results you want. If the ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website, and your cyberspace storefront is not keyword rich, easy to navigate, and ladled with fresh content, ... more

You can be the greatest salesperson in the world, however, if you call on prospects that don’t match your demographics or psychographics, you are going to be busy and broke.  by Colleen Stanley It’s the beginning of 2015. There are new sales quotas to achieve and opportunities to deve... more

In setting an intention - a plan, something to achieve - it makes the purpose more realistic and it helps us accomplish it. Baby steps, good intentions and making a plan - how does that sound? by Monika D'Agostino For the last couple of years I have set intentions rather than New Year's re... more

As you go about your day, you can only accomplish so many things. If everything is important, then nothing in particular is. A helpful idea is to create a list of things to do in your CRM or calendar program – but don’t stop there. Find a way to rate the activities that you need to do. by Lor... more