Identify key steps in your sales process to prevent “hope” pipelines.  Determine the questions and decisions that must be made at each stage.  Have you ever heard this statement?  “I’m hoping it will close this month.”  (And the CEO is hoping he can pay you.)  Monday mornings st... more

A collaborative selling approach removes these fears on both sides of the proverbial sales table. As a collaborative sales professional, the Stop, Drop, and Roll response is extremely effective when faced with objections as I’ve explained in previous articles. It ensures that you engage your mind... more

Many salespeople need to develop an emotional intelligence skill called reality testing.  This is the ability to see things as they are rather than how you would like them to be.  Here are three tips to help you improve your reality testing skills and consultative selling skills.  ___________... more

Have you ever heard the phrase "detach from the outcome"? It’s a tenet of Eastern religions. For many years it was a concept that I found totally unfathomable. After all, sales itself is about outcomes. Our income is at risk. We need to get the business. But over the years, I’ve learned the wis... more

Let’s face it – on a daily basis, we’re all overwhelmed by email, and in the age of email lists and automated marketing campaigns it’s only escalating. So, it’s natural that we might occasionally become frustrated by emails that seem poorly targeted, robotic, or not at all aligned with our... more

by Liz Wendling, Business Consultant, Sales Expert, and Emotional Intelligence Coach How Heavy is Your Sales Baggage? Sales baggage (aka head trash and negative self-talk) is the leading killer in the sales world. Sales baggage is the negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions you have and the a... more

by Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE Nothing can turn your audience or prospect off faster than using fat words when they’re hungry for skinny ones. Or vice versa. I learned this exciting concept from Dr. David Palmer, a Silicon Valley negotiations expert. In his talks on negotiations, he describes... more

by Liz Wendling I forgot what I was supposed to say. You're in an important sales meeting or presentation. All eyes are on you. You’re discussing your features and benefits. You highlight your expertise. You showcase your value. You are on top of your game. Then suddenly, out of right fie... more

by Colleen Stanley You’ve all seen this salesperson. He looks busy, complains there isn’t enough time to get everything done and has no sales results to show for his efforts. What’s not working? This salesperson is confusing being busy with being productive. As a result, he is on an endl... more

Combine setting expectations with confirming THEIR expectations along the way and you’ll move further even more quickly.  Clarity of expectations, deliverables, timing, involvement, and follow-up is a powerful way to advance and close the sale. by Nancy Bleeke Assumptions have killed and st... more