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SenText Solutions provides a low cost text mobile marketing service that gives local merchants the ability to immediately reach their existing customers about specials, promotions, discounts, etc.  This service helps businesses bring their existing customers back to their business an additional 1, 2, 3 or 4 more times every month, increasing their bottom line!

Many businesses including restaurants, delis, pizza shops, bars, retail stores, car washes, salons, and MANY other business types want this service!

There are currently over 290 Million mobile phone users in the United States alone.  Of these mobile phone users, nearly two-thirds are active users of Text Messaging.   With nearly 91% of all Americans having their cell phone with them at all times, it has become a common sight to see people everywhere with their heads buried in their cell phones! 

Research shows that over 75% of business owners are currently trying to maximize the earning potential by searching for new ways to interact with their existing customers to build and maintain a mutually lucrative relationship.  Across the board, Text Messaging has a high read rate of up to 90% and because it offers a more personal, compelling form of communication, it boasts an outstanding conversion rate of 20%-70%.  Business owners can instantly send up to date information about products and services, which leads to repeat purchases and more business potential from increased referrals.

Now is the perfect time for business owners to jump in on the Text Messaging bandwagon!  Businesses need to learn how to utilize this product to leverage their existing customers to increase their floor traffic, ultimately increasing sales! 


You'll be the first to talk to merchants about this exciting new service!

100% of Businesses need this Product!

99% of Businesses do not have this Product!

SenText Solutions’ Compensation Program:

·      Earn $50,000 - $125,000 your FIRST year! 

·      Lifetime Vested Residuals beginning IMMEDIATELY!

·      Up Front Commission on every sale!

·      Residuals and Commissions paid DAILY!

·      We provide all training, sales tools and sales support

·      Management opportunities available


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Posted By:Confidential
There is no more cost effective way for a merchant to get their customers back in than to send them a text. Daily specials, coupons, events, etc are all things that can be promoted and everyone reads......

Outside Sales Representative

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Outside Sales Representative - Advertising

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  • Company: SenText Solutions
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  • Location: Alhambra
  • State: CA
  • Category: Advertising
  • Posted on: Sep-13-2017
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