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Retail Professional - Sales Associate (Originals Flagship Store)

* This job posting does NOT represent a live vacancy. What does that mean? It means that this posting is here specifically to collect applications all year long.
Don't let that discourage you - whenever there is a role to recruit for, this is where we would look to find talent outside of our business.
What does that mean for you? We want you to read the below job description, evaluate your skills and abilities against the requirements, and if you are in it to win it - then apply.*

adidas Originals Flagship Store Introduction:

The new Originals flagship stores bring the brand and retail experience much closer together, creating true beacons for the beloved trefoil. The flagship stores have a high degree of local relevance and take their inspiration from the neighborhood, which is the beating heart of Originals and the source for the world's originality.

Originals was the first brand to bring the style and spirit of sport to the streets. It was the first to bridge the divides between courts and streets, between tribes and between cultures. Its past is huge. Its achievements are amazing. And a whole generation of global youth has been included along the way.

The flagship stores re-enforce the connection to the local streetwear audience and trend setters. They re-enforce Originals as the pioneering streetwear brand.

The best of the best of Originals will be showcased through the flagship stores, including the most exciting collaborations, the latest sneaker highlights and many limited editions. The store experience will be elevated through events, strong and bold brand activations, artist cooperations, and experimental zones.

Welcome to our Neighborhood.

Purpose & Overall Relevance for the Organisation:

Together with the flagship store team, this role will drive sales, execute operational tasks and create an adidas Originals brand experience.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Be a knowledge expert of both the streetwear scene and Originals brand in order to socially converse with the consumer and support them on their shopping journey.
  • Foster a contemporary streetwear atmosphere within the store and ensure local neighborhood/community relevance is established and maintained.
  • Be aware of store sales and KPI targets, as well as individual performance targets; take ownership over them and effectively use all available store resources to meet or exceed them.
  • Execute and maintain established Visual Merchandising and In-Store Communication standards.
  • Process merchandise deliveries quickly and effectively, and constantly replenish merchandising fixtures to ensure the store's entire product offer is represented on the sales floor.
  • Complete cash register transactions quickly and accurately.
  • Minimize loss in both, the stockroom and the sales floor.
    Key Relationships:

  • Consumers.
  • Peers and Supervisor.
    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Streetwear role-model.
  • adidas Originals brand ambassador.
  • Culturally connected leader in music, art, and street culture.
  • Social media connected.
  • Fluent in both the local language and proficient English.
  • Skilled in MS Office.
    Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications:

  • Retail experience preferred.
  • Preferably at least 1-2 months working in a sports/fashion customer & commercial focused retail environment.
  • Basic numeracy, literacy and verbal communication skills.

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Retail Professional - Sales Associate (Originals Flagship Store)

Posted By:adidas
* This job posting does NOT represent a live vacancy. What does that mean? It means that this posting is here specifically to collect applications all year long. Don't let that discourage you - whenever......
  • Company: adidas
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  • Location: Athens
  • State: I
  • Category: Sales
  • Posted on: Jun-03-2019
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