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Sales Representative

Founded in 1964, Cascades produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products that are composed mainly of recycled fibers. The Company employs 11,000 employees, who work in close to 90 production units located in North America and Europe. With its management philosophy, half a century of experience in recycling, and continuous efforts in research and development as driving forces, Cascades continues to deliver the innovative products that customers have come to rely on.

The Tissue Group, a division of Cascades, is the second-largest tissue producer in Canada and the fifth-largest in North America. The Division manufactures, converts and markets a huge selection of paper products, such as hand towels, bathroom tissue, facial tissue, napkins, paper towels, wipers and dispensers for the North American away-from-home and consumer products markets. The Group has more than 2,200 employees and operates seven manufacturing plants, nine conversion plants and four plants with both manufacturing and conversion facilities.
Your challenge!

Job Responsibilities

Business Objectives Alignment
Ensure that the development and achievement of sale objectives are in keeping with the strategic plan for his business unit

Operational Excellence
Apply sales best practices that are in keeping with Cascades' strategic orientations
Apply the pricing strategy
Document administrative activities related to his sales (e.g., contracts, promotions, forecasts)
Ensure that volume growth and/or account profitability are maintained (prospecting)
Organize all activities to maximize efficiency
Facilitate discussions between his department and the departments concerned
Promote and sell solutions and products that are adapted to the needs of clients and refer products from other groups as needed

Human Resources
Take the initiative to develop his or her skills

Health & Safety
Comply with the safe work standards in effect
Promote sound occupational health and safety management

Corporate Responsibility and Governance
Comply with the ethical standards of Cascades' and its business partners, and represent Cascades' image

Client Focused and Innovation
Encourage his clients and unit to suggest ideas for improvement and innovation
Develop his network in the business community (e.g., industry, associations, clients)
Keep a watch to develop market intelligence (best practices, trends, segmentation, competition, etc.) and share it within the organization
Maintain professional relationships with clients and promote Cascades' product line

Additional responsibilities

Core competencies defined for this job
Action-based focus
Active listening


Desired experience

Technical competencies

Additional information

To apply on this job or to consult any other job opportunity with Cascades, visit
Cascades is an equal opportunity employer.

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  • Company: Cascades
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  • Location: Albany
  • State: FL
  • Category: Sales
  • Posted on: Jul-31-2019
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