Fanatical Prospecting Bootcamp - Starts 9-16-2016

Live Virtual Course. The Virtual Fanatical Prospecting Bootcamp is a live course facilitated by Jeb Blount and Andy Feldman. The course is strictly limited to 20 participants and begins on 9-16-2016 and features:

  • 8 live facilitated sessions (recorded for playback later)
  • Course workbook
  • Online self-directed learning modules
  • Access to facilitators via chat and email offline
  • Personalized Goal Sheet
  • One year access to all training videos and material
  • Bonus - Fanatical Prospecting Swag
  • Choice of one of Jeb Blount's hardcover books: Fanatical Prospecting, People Buy You, or Sales EQ (pre-ordered for delivery in April 2017)
This dynamic and engaging course gives you the tools you'll need to leverage the phone, email, text, and social media to fill your pipeline with high-quality prospects. Upon enrollment, you will gain instant access to course pre-work and be contacted by the facilitator with instructions. You'll learn:

  • 5 Step Phone Process
  • How to reduce resistance and turnaround prospecting objections
  • How to leave voicemails that get returned
  • The Powerful 4 Step Email Framework 
  • How to get past gatekeepers
  • How to leverage text messaging to accelerate prospect engagement
  • How to deal with and manage rejection

We are happy to answer questions and go over the curriculum with you in more detail. Just give us a call at 1-844-447-3737

Picture of Keith Lubner
About Keith Lubner

Keith Lubner is a globally recognized expert on sales enablement. He is an adviser to many of the world’s leading tech organizations helping them become more agile and adaptive through improved leadership, sales and marketing, and sales organization design strategies.  Keith is a frequently sought after speaker and has received numerous industry awards, including being named a 2016 Channel Visionary by ChannelPro.


Course Curriculum Get Started

Section 1: Course Overview

  • Topic 1Welcome to Fanatical Prospecting & Course Overview
  • Topic 2Course News & Updates
  • Topic 3Course Overview
  • Topic 4About Jeb Blount
  • Topic 5Facilitator - About Andy Feldman
  • Topic 6Intellectual Property Notice

Section 2: Pre-Work: Goal Planning and Building Your Personal Goal Sheet

  • Topic 1Pre-work Assignment
  • Topic 2The Most Important Question
  • Topic 3Goalsheeting Workbook
  • Topic 4Goal Planning Infographic
  • Topic 5Most Important Question (MP3)
  • Topic 6Effective Goal Planning Begins With a Simple Question
  • Topic 7Define It and Write It Down
  • Topic 8Goals Must Be Specific
  • Topic 9Make Goals Tangible
  • Topic 10Deadlines Drive Urgency
  • Topic 11The Law of Congruence
  • Topic 12Steps to Success
  • Topic 13Brainstorm - To Have's - To Do's - To Be's
  • Topic 14Step One: Start with a Written Goal
  • Topic 15Step Two: Make Your Goals Specific and Tangible
  • Topic 16Step Three: Apply the Law of Congruency (How Bad Do You Want It)

Section 3: Introduction to Fanatical Prospecting

  • Topic 1The Real Secret to Becoming a Sales Superstar
  • Topic 2The Truth About Prospecting

Section 4: Course Discussion Forums & Chat Room

  • Topic 1Your Biggest Prospecting Challenges
  • Topic 2RBO Forum
  • Topic 3Time Management and Productivity Discussion
  • Topic 4Facilitator & Participant Chat Room
  • Topic 5Fanatical Prospecting Call Sheet
  • Topic 6Tele-Prospecting: A Bridge to Because
  • Topic 7Email Scripts
  • Topic 8Segmentation - Fit Qualifiers

Section 5: Live Session Virtual Classroom Sessions & Replays

  • Topic 1Live Session Four: Introduction to Fanatical Prospecting - 10-7-2016 (10:00 AM EST)
  • Topic 2Session One Replay - 9/16/16
  • Topic 3Session One - Presentation Deck 09/16/16
  • Topic 4Session Two Replay - 09/23/16
  • Topic 5Session Two - Presentation Deck (9/23/16)
  • Topic 6Session Three - Replay (09/30/16)
  • Topic 7Session Three and Four - Presentation Deck
  • Topic 8Session Four - Replay (10/07/16)
  • Topic 9Session Five - Replay (10/14/16)
  • Topic 10Session Five - Email Propsecting
  • Topic 11Session Six - Email Prospecting Continued (10/21/16)
  • Topic 12Session Six - Email Prospecting Continued
  • Topic 13Session Seven - Prospecting Pyramid (10/28/16)
  • Topic 14Session Seven - Prospecting Pyramid
  • Topic 15Session Eight - Most Impactful
  • Topic 16Session Eight - Most Impactful

Section 6: Developing a Fanatical Prospecting Mindset

  • Topic 1The Always on Fanatical Prospecting Mindset
  • Topic 2Fanatical Prospectors Talk to Strangers
  • Topic 3There is No Easy Button in Sales
  • Topic 4It's Not About What You Have Sold, It's About What You Sell Today
  • Topic 5The More Your Prospect, The Luckier You Get
  • Topic 6The 3 Questions You Must Answer
  • Topic 7The Only Question that Really Matters

Section 7: Introduction to Telephone Prospecting

  • Topic 1The Case For Telephone Prospecting
  • Topic 2Nobody Answers a Phone That Doesn't Ring
  • Topic 3Your Most Powerful Sales Tool
  • Topic 4The Phone Won't Dial Itself

Section 8: 5 Step Telephone Prospecting Framework

  • Topic 1Introduction to the 5 Step Telephone Prospecting Framework
  • Topic 25 Step Telephone Prospecting Framework
  • Topic 3Keep It Simple
  • Topic 4Don't Overcomplicate Telephone Prospecting
  • Topic 5Step One - Get Their Attention
  • Topic 6Step Two & Three - Introduce Yourself - Reason For Your Call
  • Topic 7Step Four: Give Them a Because
  • Topic 8Step Five - Ask For What You Want

Section 9: Efficient and Effective Phone Blocks

  • Topic 1Time Blocking is Transformational for Sales Professionals
  • Topic 2Get to the Point Fast on Telephone Prospecting Calls
  • Topic 3The Ultimate Key to Success Is the Scheduled Phone Block
  • Topic 43 Reasons You Are Not Using Your CRM and What to Do About It
  • Topic 5Eat That Frog

Section 10: RBOs: Reflex Responses, Brush-Offs, and Objections

  • Topic 1[ACTIVITY] RBO - Homework - Build RBO Turn-around Scripts

Section 11: Dealing With Fear and Rejection

  • Topic 1The Origin of Fear
  • Topic 2When You Fear the Wrong Things
  • Topic 3Challenging Your Fears
  • Topic 4Get Excited to Hear No
  • Topic 5Hanging Up on Rejection
  • Topic 6Overcoming Fear
  • Topic 7Prospecting and the Fear of Rejection

Section 12: Email Prospecting

Section 13: Time and Territory Management

Section 14: Text Message Prospecting

Section 15: In-Person Prospecting

Section 16: Social Selling

Section 17: Developing Mental Toughness

Section 18: Prospecting Best Practices

  • Topic 13 Right Things Salespeople Should Be Doing

Section 19: Bonus Resources

  • Topic 1Debunking the Myth - I'm Bad at Prospecting But Good At Closing
  • Topic 2How Sales Gravy Got Its Name

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