Slammed! The Sales Manager Boot Camp (Starts 5-12-17)

Note: This course is designed for sales managers who have been promoted within the last twelve months. Class size is limited to 12 participants. 

Becoming a new sales leader is overwhelming. Suddenly you go from having a quota to managing the quotas of multiple people. You must quickly learn how to juggle the needs of your salespeople with the demands of your organization's leadership. It can be a challenging transition. 

At the same time, sales management is one of the most rewarding jobs in business when you know what to do and how to do it. This is what New Sales Manager Boot Camp is all about.Taught by sales management guru Ken Thoreson (one of the world's foremost sales leadership coaches), You'll get everything you need to crush it in your new role. 

You will attend eight live, virtual sessions with Ken in a small group setting(all sessions are recorded), in addition, you'll have access to:

  • More than thirty self-directed video learning modules
  • Discussion forums where you can share best practices with Ken and other participants
  • Live chat room where you can interact with Ken
  • Ken will also be available for limited one to one coaching
  • Plus you'll get all four books in Ken's Sales Management Guru series including Slammed! For the New Sales Manager

In the course you'll learn:

  • Important time management strategies for sales leaders
  • How to recruit, interview, and hire top talent
  • How to motivate your sales team
  • How to build and lead a high-performance sales culture
  • Compensation and incentive strategies
  • Coaching and training strategies for improving performance
  • How to effectively onboard new sales reps
  • How to evaluate your team and plan for the future
  • Pipeline strategies
  • Business planning strategies
  • How to build and create accountability
  • How to monitor leading indicators
  • How to manage and leverage sales dashboards
  • How to use Salesperson Business Plans to lead a self-managed team
  • And continued access to all training material int he program for twelve full months

If you are new to sales leadership this is a course you must not miss. It is a rare opportunity to learn from one to the greatest sales management minds of all time. To ensure that participants get full attention class size is limited to 12 participants.

Enroll now to get instant access to pre-work and initial training videos. For questions please give us a call at 1-844-447-3737

Course Curriculum Get Started

Section 1: Course Overview

  • Topic 1Course News and Updates
  • Topic 2Course Overview
  • Topic 3Slammed! Time Management Tips for the First Time Sales Manager
  • Topic 4Ken Thoreson - Facilitator Profile
  • Topic 5Intellectual Property Notice

Section 2: Course Pre-Work

  • Topic 1About You
  • Topic 2Introduction to Building High-Performance Sales Teams
  • Topic 3Sales Management Assessment and Guidebook

Section 3: Live Instructor Led Sessions (all sessions will be recorded and posted for replay)

  • Topic 1Live Session Guide and Outline
  • Topic 2Live Session 1 Access 5-12-17 (11:00 EST)
  • Topic 3Live Session 2 Access 5-19-17 (11:00 EST)
  • Topic 4Live Session 3 Access 5-26-17 (11:00 EST)
  • Topic 5Live Session 4 Access 6-2-17 (11:00 EST)
  • Topic 6Live Session 5 Access 6-9-17 (11:00 EST)
  • Topic 7Live Session 6 Access 6-16-17 (11:00 EST)
  • Topic 8Live Session 7 Access 6-23-17 (11:00 EST)
  • Topic 9Live Session 8 Access 6-30-17 (11:00 EST)
  • Topic 10Live Session 1 Replay 5-12-17
  • Topic 11Live Session 2 Replay (5-19-17)
  • Topic 12Live Session 3 Replay (5-26-17)
  • Topic 13Live Session 4 Replay (6-2-17)
  • Topic 14Live Session 5 Replay (6-9-17)
  • Topic 15Live Session 6 Replay (6-16-17)
  • Topic 16Live Session 7 Replay (6-23-17) - Compensation
  • Topic 17Live Session 8 Replay (6-30-17)

Section 4: Course Discussion Forums

  • Topic 1Tactics for Building Sales Culture
  • Topic 2Live Chat With Ken Thoreson
  • Topic 3Recruiting, Hiring Interviewing Salespeople
  • Topic 4Delivering Predictable Sales Perfomance
  • Topic 5Becoming a High Performance Leader: Sales Leadership vs Sales Management
  • Topic 6Coaching and Training
  • Topic 7Sales Compensation Planning

Section 5: Becoming a High Performance Leader

  • Topic 1The Anatomy of High-Performance Sales Leadership
  • Topic 2Why Sales Managers Fail
  • Topic 3Understanding Leadership Style
  • Topic 4Understanding Management Style
  • Topic 5Leadership VS Management
  • Topic 6What High Performance Sales Leaders Do
  • Topic 7Keeping Your Team on Top
  • Topic 8Developing Your Personal Leadership Philosophy
  • Topic 9Sales Management Challenges
  • Topic 10Sales Management Challenges
  • Topic 11Sales Management Best Practices
  • Topic 12Sales Leadership vs Sales Management

Section 6: The High Performance Culture

  • Topic 1Building a High-Performance Culture & Sales Environment
  • Topic 2The Sales Culture Challenge
  • Topic 3Building Culture With Sales Games
  • Topic 4Sales Management Action Plan
  • Topic 5Business and Sales Planning
  • Topic 6Manage the Best Guidebook
  • Topic 7Salesperson Business Plan

Section 7: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring High-Performance Salespeople

  • Topic 1How to Create a Hiring Guide and Comprehensive Job Description
  • Topic 2Evaluate Your Team
  • Topic 3Finding the Right Candidate
  • Topic 4Mistakes Made in Hiring
  • Topic 5Determining the Ideal Candidate Profile
  • Topic 6Developing the Ideal Candidate Profile
  • Topic 7Creating Your Interview Scorecard
  • Topic 8Interview Scorecard
  • Topic 9Interviewing Sales Candidates
  • Topic 10Developing an Effective Interview Process
  • Topic 11Sample Sales Interview Questions
  • Topic 12More Sales Interview Questions
  • Topic 13Interview Reference Check Guide
  • Topic 14Telephone Screening
  • Topic 15Effective Sales Onboarding
  • Topic 16The Opposite Side of the Sales Interview Table
  • Topic 17Interview Mistakes Quiz
  • Topic 18Hiring Mistakes Quiz
  • Topic 19Hire the Best, Recruit a Top Tier Sales Team

Section 8: Delivering Predictable Sales Performance

  • Topic 1Creating Effective Sales Management Planning - Part One
  • Topic 2Creating Effective Sales Management Plans - Part Two
  • Topic 3Understanding and Leveraging Pipeline Metrics
  • Topic 4Understanding Leading Indicators and Developing Sales Dashboards that Work for You
  • Topic 5How to Build Sales Team Accountability
  • Topic 6Leveraging Account Planning to Drive Cross-sells and Business Growth
  • Topic 7Leveraging Individual Salesperson Business Plans to Create Self-Managed Teams
  • Topic 8Benefits of a Prescriptive Sales Process
  • Topic 9Growth and Value Partners in Success
  • Topic 10Focus on Improvement - Measuring Sales Success
  • Topic 11Using Salesperson Business Plan
  • Topic 12Using Account Plans

Section 9: Coaching and Training

  • Topic 1Facilitating Effective Sales Meetings
  • Topic 2How to Build Effective Sales Training
  • Topic 3Coaching Sales Performance
  • Topic 4Sales Management Meeting List
  • Topic 5New Sales Hire Training Plan
  • Topic 6Sales Training Schedule

Section 10: Motivation and Belief

  • Topic 1Creating Belief
  • Topic 2Why Winners Win
  • Topic 3Mobilize by Motivating
  • Topic 4Creating Intensity
  • Topic 5A Menu for Personal and Professional Success
  • Topic 6Secrets to Motivating Salespeople

Section 11: Essentials of Sales Compensation Planning

  • Topic 1Understanding Compensation Planning
  • Topic 2Maturity Level
  • Topic 3Building Sales Incentive Programs
  • Topic 4Determining Cost of Sales
  • Topic 5Compensation Plan Examples
  • Topic 6Sales Compensation Planning Guidebook
  • Topic 7Pay the Best! Compensation Work Book
  • Topic 8Sales Incentives

Section 12: Ken Thoreson's Book Downloads

  • Topic 1Your Sales Management Guru's Guide To: Recruiting a High Performance Sales Team
  • Topic 2Your Sales Management Guru's Guide To: Leading High Performance Sales Teams
  • Topic 3Slammed! For The First Time Sales Manager
  • Topic 4Your Sales Management Guru’s Guide to: Creating High-Performance Sales Compensation Plans

Section 13: Bonus Resources

  • Topic 13 Tips for Stressed Out, Time Starved Sales Leaders
  • Topic 2What New Sales Leaders Need to Know About Leading Salespeople (Jeb Blount & Alice Heiman)
  • Topic 340 Sales Management Activities that Drive Results
  • Topic 4The Job of Sales Management

Section 14: Course Certificate

  • Topic 1Earning the Course Certificate
  • Topic 2forumm
  • Topic 3dorum name

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