Billy Cox

Billy Cox

2008 Sales Book Award Gold Medal WinnerInternationally recognized business leader, author, and inspirational speaker Billy Cox energizes people to dream big, take action, and achieve results. His message comes from the authenticity and credibility of his own inspiring, all-American success story. Billy Cox now teaches the essentials that led to his own success – he has lived what he speaks. Billy pairs his powerful message with a high-energy, passionate, and down-to-earth style.

People worldwide who hear him speak or use his books and audios are inspired to "raise their bar", take control of their futures, and achieve new levels of performance and results. A "no limits" person who knows how to win, Billy is a master salesman, a compelling motivator, an energetic leader, and is recognized by his peers as a leading authority on the undeniable power of human potential.

Billy Cox teaches techniques proven over two decades of experience in sales, management, and leadership, and consulting. He has truly lived the American dream. Starting at age 17 as a part-time salesperson in a direct sales company, he worked his way to the top of every sales and management level available. By age 30, he had earned his first million dollars. Two years later, he became president of an international sales and marketing company taking on leadership of a nationwide team with over 500 sales associates. It was an enormous challenge, as sales were in a slump, down almost 50 percent. In less than three years, he and his team had turned the company around, increasing sales to record-breaking levels.

Author of The Dream Book, You Gotta Get in the Game, and The All-Star Sales Book (Winner of the 2008 Sales Book Award Gold Medal), Billy is dedicated to sharing the powerful and proven concepts and techniques that led to his success. Billy travels worldwide, helping individuals achieve their dreams and teaching organizations to reach peak performance. Whether it is a business executive group of 40 or a roaring convention of 4,000, Billy Cox motivates any group, blending facts, inspiration, humor, and conviction with audience participation. Customizing his talks for each group, he gains immediate rapport and leaves audiences energized and confident they can put their learning into immediate action.

Billy considers his personal accomplishments just as important as his professional achievements. He regularly donates his time and talents to youth sports, community service work, and various charities. Billy and his wife, Susan, and their four children make their home in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas.