Joe Crisara

Joe Crisara, a world-wide sales educator and entrepreneur, has a style will leave you with the impression that he is either a member of your family, or someone that you have met before. When reading or listening to Joe's work you will undoubtedly hear the "ring of truth."  

Joe and his partner Julie have developed a sales educational firm and website, that continues to help thousands of managers and frontline service and sales people create high revenue and personal income. He helps them to understand and utilize the principles of persuasion, selling, presentation and closing.

Upon learning and using Joe's material you will find your customer selling you instead of you selling them. His 180 degree difference from anyone in the traditional sales world is what set's him apart and has resulted in quantum leap results that are 3 to 5 times greater than the average sales person ever achieves.

Joe has been involved with the selling "best practice" industry for over 25 years and has helped start up companies with one person up to Fortune 1000 companies to repackage, differentiate and sell their services at a higher perceived quality and for more money than anyone in their market. Joe has also used his background in the E-Myth mastery program to help managers set expectations, behavior benchmarks and profit dashboards to implement and measure the effect of the sales processes he teaches you.

In January 2009, Joe will be releasing his new book, The Sales Whisperer (Sales Gravy Press)

Joe resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife Julie and his son Joe III. Joe grew up in the Chicago, Illinois area, where he and Julie owned and operated a profitable service business. Joe earned a degree at Harper College in 1980 and has also taught many business related college level courses on marketing, sales and management