Josh Hinds

Josh Hinds is the founder of  which has been visited by millions of people world-wide -- as well as a growing network of personal and professional development related sites which include:,, and He is also the author of Why Perfect Timing is a Myth. In addition he publishes the Let's Talk Motivation! newsletter  which provides a source of ongoing motivation to his readers.

Josh has been a student of personal development since the age of 15 years old when he read his first motivational book by Speaking legend, Zig Ziglar. Josh Hinds is a firm believer that personal development is a hands on project. Meaning if you want to see big results in life you have to be the biggest part in your own development. During Josh's motivational presentations he provides the tools necessary to support his audience in being the biggest part of their own personal and professional growth.

The ideas Josh shares will give you and your organization the tools to move forward long past the time he will spend speaking. His inspiring talks create lasting motivation and inspiration in organizations and people.