Karl Goldfield

Karl Goldfield

Karl Goldfield is passionate about developing teams for emerging companies. For the past fifteen years, he has shown the ability to deliver beyond expectations through continual innovation. By establishing a plan then testing the boundaries of that plan, Karl provides methodologies that help to address particular challenges. He delivers strategies that allow startups to mold sales teams from the clay of their own attributes.

Karl’s philosophies stem from planning before execution, sound processes, and educating the evangelists. A company that reacts to problems as they arise is not a fluid as one that builds a plan, trains to that plan, and retools the development of their organization to define success. In today’s business world we need to coach and be mentored, not tracked and managed.

Sales strategy is an evolving part of society. Every day the manner in which people respond to stimuli is changing. Old practices continually have to give way to new principles and personalities. Karl believes the paradigm must always adapt to the masses.


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