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Gary Pittard

Gary Pittard
Gary Pittard is the managing director of Australia’s leading real estate training and development organisation. His sales career began in the Australian office of a global business machines and copier company. With more than 30 years’ experience, working with the best sales and leadership minds in the world, Gary has developed an acute awareness of the subtleties of human communication and influence and the constant requirement for innovation and reinvention to stay relevant in rapidly changing markets. Gary established the leading real estate sales training and development organisation in Australia, with hundreds of member agencies earning greater profits and experiencing greater levels of success than the average agent. Pittard has been servicing agents in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific for more than two decades. Gary has pioneered revolutionary online real estate training platforms - iTrain and Pittard TV. Launched in 2015, iTrain is an online streaming platform that gives members access to an extensive library of real estate training, leadership and management materials. Pittard TV is a live online broadcasting network for real estate professionals in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. Pittard TV gives real estate professionals access to seminars and workshops hosted by industry leaders around the globe.


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