The Secrets of the Top 20% | How To Double Your Income Selling Over The Phone

The Secrets of the Top 20% | How To Double Your Income Selling Over The Phone
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Attention “Closers, Sales Managers, Business Owners, and Other Sales Professionals”… Do you want to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your sales and income and are you looking for the ONE TOOL that will help you get it done?

As a BUSINESS OWNER are you tired of your sales team Under Performing and do you want to make a small investment that will pay HUGE DIVIDENDS?

This 5-CD Series contains all the Proven Techniques, Scripts and Strategies you'll need to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your income selling over the phone. These are the real secrets of Top 20% producers. Learn how to easily overcome resistance, identify AND qualify real buyers, overcome objections and close more sales. Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of!


Secrets of the Top 20% was simply one of the best and most practical sales courses I have participated in. I put my sales team through the CD series and the next month, they doubled the amount of appointments set and broke all company records. This is a must do training course for anybody responsible for selling or prospecting over the phone.

Jennifer Livi
Director of Business Development Proforma
Cleveland Ohio Proforma Worldwide Support Center

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn from each CD:

CD #1: The 80/20 Rule In Sales:

  • Why do 20% of Sales Reps make 80% of the sales and income?
  • How I turned my sales career around and catapulted myself into the Top 20%
  • 5 Rules of Top 20% performance and what YOU can begin doing TODAY
  • Pre-Call Preparation
  • The importance of scripts

CD #2: Cold Calling Success

  • How to handle Reflex Objections
  • How to eliminate screening FOREVER!
  • The real definition of a Qualified Lead
  • How to avoid rejection
  • How to handle incoming leads
  • Avoiding call reluctance
  • How to use Voice Mail and Email to your advantage
  • And Much, Much More!!

CD #3: Closing Sales Like the Top 20%

  • Overcoming initial resistance
  • One technique that can instantly get the deal
  • The power of trial closes
  • Don’t answer objections, isolate them!
  • 5 ways to stop talking past the close
  • How to use the take away close
  • And Much, Much More!!

CD #4: How To Handle The Top Ten Objections

  • Learn scripted responses to the objections that are blowing you out of the water!
  • “The price is too high”
  • “I need to talk to ______”
  • “I need to think about it”
  • “I already have a supplier…”
  • And Much More!

CD #5: Taking It To The Next Level

  • How to move into the Top 1% of the Top 20%!
  • How to build a team of support people
  • How to be in the closing arena all the time!
  • Learn how to Expect Success
  • How to develop a Winning Attitude
  • The Power of Self Talk
  • And Much, Much More!

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