Fanatical Prospecting Boot Camp

Fanatical Prospecting Boot Camp is our most popular course!

This high impact, high energy training system teaches your sellers powerful sales prospecting frameworks and a balanced prospecting methodology that gives them the confidence to effectively leverage the phone, email, text, in-person, referrals, and social media channels to fill the pipeline with high-quality prospects.

FPBC is based on Jeb Blount’s mega best-seller Fanatical Prospecting.

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Fanatical Prospecting Boot Camp is a one or two day interactive course depending on the modules you choose to include. The course is heavy on experiential learning and includes exercises, role-plays, group break-outs, live phone prospecting blocks, and hands-on instructor coaching.


Course length may expand or contract depending on modules covered, and customization for you unique situation.

In-Classroom: One to Two Days

Virtual Classroom: Eight One Hour Live Sessions + One Hour of Self Directed Work Weekly


  • Developing a Fanatical Prospecting Mindset
  • The 30-Day Rule
  • The Law of Replacement
  • 5 Step Telephone Prospecting Framework
  • Developing Effective Because Statements
  • Leaving Effective Voice Mail Messages
  • 3 Step Prospecting Objection Turn-Around Process
  • Targeting, CRM, and List Building – The Prospecting Pyramid
  • Time Discipline and Blocking
  • Developing a Daily Battle Rhythm
  • 4-Step Email Prospecting Process
  • 5 Cs of Social Prospecting
  • LinkedIn Essentials
  • Referral Based Prospecting
  • Complex Account Prospecting Strategies
  • Sequencing and Strategic Prospecting Cadence
  • Message Matters – Developing a Compelling Sales Story
  • Text Message Prospecting (Optional)
  • In-Person Prospecting (Optional)
  • Account Based Prospecting
  • Developing Mental Toughness and Resilliance
  • 6 Live Phone Blocks


This course may be customized for your group and modules may be grouped, adjusted, or removed as needed. Call 1-844-447-3737 for more information.


  • Participant Workbook
  • Self-Directed Video Based Modules
  • Access to the Sales Gravy University Online Learning Platform
  • Coaching Guides for Sales Leaders
  • Three One-Hour, Post Course, Anchor Sessions with a Master Trainer in our Virtual Classroom


Because Fanatical Prospecting Boot Camp is highly interactive and skills are developed through doing and coaching, it is most effective when delivered in a classroom environment.


When your team is spread out geographically or the costs of brining everyone together are too high, remote learning programs are an excellent option. With this option, the course is facilitated by one of our master trainers, once a week, over eight sessions, in a virtual classroom. The live sessions are supplemented with self-directed video based modules, individual exercises, and discussion groups.


We supplement both In-Classroom and Virtual Classroom trainings with video based self-directed modules delivered on our innovated Sales Gravy University platform.


Want your in-house trainers to deliver the course? No problem. You may license this program. We train your trainers and supply all of the course material. Give us a call at 1-844-447-3737 to learn more about our innovative licensing options.


This course is designed for sales professionals who are responsible for outbound prospecting and top of funnel activities. It is appropriate for both inside and outside sales and is applicable across B2C and B2B sales roles.


Most training companies deliver generic training out of an off-the-shelve box. Therefore expecting every company to fit neatly into their little box. This is why participants don’t find the training content (or facilitators) credible, training often fails to deliver the outcomes you expect, concepts don’t stick and behaviors don’t change, you feel like you don’t get a fair return on your training investment

At Sales Gravy, we are known for our ability to speak our customers’ language and customize and shape training around each client’s unique situation and culture.

When training curriculum is developed in your language, integrates into your specific sales process, and addresses your unique challenges and go-to-market strategies, participants are more engaged, assimilate the training content faster, and skills stick over the long haul.

The results: Engaged learners, leading to real long-term behavior change, a significantly higher return on your training investment, and measurable business outcomes you can count on.


To guide us while working with you and your team, we leverage a proven process – ADIO² – for developing and customizing powerful and engaging training curriculum and content specific to your unique situation.

Sales Gravy Proven Process for Custom Sales Curriculum Development

  • Assess: Our process begins with deep discovery to gain an understanding of your unique situation, culture, sales process, go-to-market strategies, customer base, industry norms, challenges, desired future state, metrics that matter, and measurable business outcomes. With this information we begin the design process and collaborate with you to develop a Business Success Plan that defines outcomes, expectations, and targets.
  • Design: Next we design and customize the training curriculum, content, workbooks, exercises, practice cases, and coaching guides specific to your organization. The learning path is aligned with the Business Success Plan. Media, workbooks, training decks, videos, and tools are customized with your organization’s branding.
  • Implement: Leveraging a blended learning methodology that connects with adult learners and generational learning styles, we deliver the training to your team.
  • Operationalize: ROI occurs when training sticks over the long-haul. Through post-training anchor sessions, online modules, and coaching guides we help participants turn new skills into habits. We then work with your leadership team to integrate new skills into your processes, systems, and sales automation stack.
  • Optimize: Working in concert with your team, we analyze performance data and iterate the program to improve outcomes and accelerate performance.

Use the contact form below to learn more or give us a call at 1-844-447-3737.


Sales Gravy is a global training, development, and consulting company with a focus on business-to-business sales acceleration. 
We’re known for helping our clients make sales productivity and performance improvements, fast. We’ve built our reputation on shaping and customizing training curriculum around our clients’ unique situations and cultures. 
We believe, at the core, that delivering training content in our clients’ language is the most effective way to make training stick, generate high ROI on your training investment, and speed the pace of the assimilation and actualization of concepts and skills in the real world.


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