A who’s who of organizations from across the globe choose Sales Gravy because our talented team of experienced and seasoned professionals deliver real impact and measurable business outcomes, fast!

Jeb Blount - CEO and Founder of Sales Gravy - Author - Sales Trainer - Keynote Speaker - Business Growth Consulting

Jeb Blount is the bestselling Author of ten books and among the world’s most respected thought leaders on sales, leadership, and customer experience. He transforms organizations by optimizing talent, leveraging training to cultivate a high-performance sales culture

Carrie Martinez - Sales Gravy CFO - Chief Financial Officer - Woman Owned Business - Hispanic Owned Business

Carrie Martinez is our CFO and plays a key role on our event operations team – ensuring that every “T” is crossed and “i” dotted prior to your event. Carrie specializes in: Cat Herding and Delivering an Amazing Customer Experience

Keith Lubner - Sales Gravy - Training

Keith Lubner is a globally recognized sales enablement and acceleration expert. He delivers workshops, breakouts, and keynotes. Keith specializes in: Leadership and Coaching, Advanced Sales MessagingSales EQComplex Sales Strategies, Strategic Account Management, Channel Sales, Business Guidance Selling, Cloud & SaaS |

Beth Maynard - Vice President of Learning and Development

Beth Maynard is a highly sought after master trainer, workshop facilitator, and keynote speaker. Beth specializes in field sales training and development, Fanatical Prospecting, Objection Handling, Sales EQ, and Complex Selling Strategies. |

Brad Adams - Sales Gravy - Senior Master Trainer - Sales Training - Inside Sales - Sales Enablement

Brad Adams is a dynamic and engaging master sales trainer, workshop facilitator, and keynote speaker who works in North America and Europe. Brad specializes in: Fanatical Prospecting, Objections, Customer Experience Selling, Inside Sales, Sales and Business Development |

Robin Lyons - Sales Gravy - Vice President of Business Development and Licensing

Robin Lyons is a seasoned enterprise level sales professional and head of licensing and business development who works with our clients to shape and develop customized programs for their events that make lasting impact. Robin specializes in Complex Sales Strategies and Business Development.

James Beaty - Sales Gravy - Senior Master Trainer - Military Recruiting Training

James Beaty is a Senior Master Trainer and United States Army combat veteran specializing in Fanatical Military Recruiting, Recruiting EQ, and Coaching Military Recruiting training and workshops. |

Booke Holt - Sales Gravy - Sales Manager and Senior Account Executive

Brooke Holt is our Sales Manager and Senior Account Executive. She collaborates with our clients to develop the perfect message for your event. Brooke specializes in: Fanatical ProspectingSkipping Meals and Doing Deals

David Pullon - Sales Trainer - Sales Gravy - Realestate Sales expert

David Pullon is a master sales trainer, workshop facilitator, and speaker. David specializes in: Fanatical Prospecting, Customer Experience Selling, Real Estate Sales Strategies |

Jodi Fogle - Sales Gravy - Sales Trainer - Global Account Manager

Jodi Fogle is an internationally recognized master sales trainer, workshop facilitator, and speaker who works in North America, South America, Australia, India, Japan, and China. Jodi specializes in: Fanatical Prospecting, Objection Handling, Negotiation Skills, and Sales EQ. |

David Monostori - Sales Gravy Creative Director - E-Learning

David Monostori is our amazing Creative Director and videographer. David specializes in globe trotting and story telling.

Cynthia Mathis - Cyn - Sales Training - Business Growth Consultant - e-learning expert - online learning

Cynthia Mathis is an accomplished and engaging master trainer and workshop facilitator. Cynthia specializes in: Business Transformation, Channel EQ, Leadership and Coaching, Sales EQ, Customer Experience, Strategic Account Management, Complex Sales Strategies, Advanced Sales Messaging, Presentation Skills. |


Sales Playbook Development

Every winning team has a playbook. We develop dynamic and easy to deploy sales playbooks that give your sales professionals agility,flexibility, and a decisive competitive edge.

Sales Onboarding Program Development

We develop comprehensive onboarding curriculum and processes that accelerate new hire productivity and return on headcount investment.

Sales Compensation Strategies

We help you develop sales compensation plans and strategies that are optimized for topline growth, bottom line contribution, talent retention,and productivity.


Sales Gravy’s innovative frame-work based training methodology integrates seamlessly into your unique sales process and connects with modern learners.

Sales Acceleration & Enablement Consulting

Our seasoned Sales Acceleration Advisors partner with you to develop and sustain a highperformance sales culture

Digital Sales Transformation

Sales teams that embrace and integrate digital selling tools into the sales process move faster and outperform their competitors.

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