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How to Save a Sales Call!

Posted By on Jun 28, 2017

After a great launch, the next step is the interview step to discover the customer’s before and after state, along with the risk and rewards to take any action to gain the after state. Often reps ‘hear’ something early in the conversation as the customer is describing their before and after state and bam… they move right to solution. by Alice Kemper Anxiety sets in as soon as a sales call isn’t going the way the rep expects. The rep’s...

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What’s In Your Closet?

Posted By on Jun 20, 2017

The secret to an organized closet is to never bring in anything new unless you first get rid of something old. by Laura Posey I recently sent out a survey to my colleagues, asking them to evaluate my personal brand. I wanted to know what they thought of me and what words they would use to describe me. One of the words that came up over and over was “organized”. Another phrase that showed up often was “on top of things.” I can tell you...

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For those who have inquired and want to improve the range of questions they are asking, here are four types of selling questions that you may not be using routinely. Each of these is highly effective in yielding information about the buyer’s needs and will also provide insight into how and why they buy. by Deb Calvert and People First Productivity Solutions In a recent blog post, we challenged sellers to think about the questions they...

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You could possess the most talented sales team in the world, equipped with sales reps who know how to ask the right questions, overcome objections, negotiate effectively, and it will still do you no good if these reps don’t ask for the sale. by Colleen Francis This common error costs more sales than most sales leaders are willing to admit. Here’s the thing, you could possess the most talented sales team in the world, equipped with...

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Debunked: Lies About Selling

Posted By on Jun 12, 2017

The perception that sales and selling is bad is outdated. If you don’t like to sell, it means that you are doing it wrong. It means that you have not found a way to sell that feels good to you. It means that you have not discovered an approach that honors you and your prospective client. Stepping in with courage and determination into a sales conversation is the most powerful aspect of your business. by Liz Wendling The biggest...

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