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Take Action Now!

Posted By on Feb 17, 2016

If you are waiting to get motivated before you make calls remember this: Motivation comes from action not the other way around. Most sales people wait to get motivated before they take action. You must do the opposite. Take action now! by Colleen Francis I often receive time management questions from sales reps. This week I thought I would provide you some of the best time management tips I have used to help stay focused and make more...

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By Colleen Francis Welcome to “Stop Guessing! Sales Accuracy Redefined.” Read on to change the way you view your pipeline and your ability to forecast success! It’s common for leaders to measure their sales pipelines by the probability of the deal closing. And, a common mistake.  Probability of close is a subjective measurement that requires the sales rep to make a judgment about their chances of making a sale. It requires...

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