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By Colleen Francis Welcome to “Stop Guessing! Sales Accuracy Redefined.” Read on to change the way you view your pipeline and your ability to forecast success! It’s common for leaders to measure their sales pipelines by the probability of the deal closing. And, a common mistake.  Probability of close is a subjective measurement that requires the sales rep to make a judgment about their chances of making a sale. It requires...

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by Kendra Lee Not long ago, I had a back and forth discussion with a sales rep who just simply wasn’t taking the correct route in regards to following up with a prospect. This undoubtedly happens all the time, but this particular instance perked my ears up a bit. To make a long story short, the rep engaged in pursuing a prospect with nothing but good intentions, yet ended up coming off as a stalker as a result of her approach. Worst...

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Value NO As Much As YES!

Posted By on Aug 20, 2012

by Andrea Waltz Most sellers spend their days doing everything they can to avoid having people say ‘no’ to them.  And, of course, this makes sense since we’ve all been taught that in sales, you are going for a YES, not a NO.  As a result, sellers also view ‘no’ as a failure and as the end of the process. And yet, instead of actually fearing and avoiding ‘no’ they should learn to view ‘no’ in a totally new light and start to value it....

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