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Too often seemingly productive sales presentations end up going nowhere fast. Why? Well, there are four primary reasons why your once captive audience is not really into you anymore. by Adrian Miller We’ve all had those sales presentations where everything went right. You captivated the audience with your words, and they nodded in agreement. You left the room feeling like a rock star, confident that you’d soon have a sale. Then, the...

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How to Problem Solve INSIDE the Box

Posted By on Sep 19, 2012

Real creativity and problem solving happens within our ‘box.’ by Nancy Bleeke Too often we are told that we need to be creative problem solvers and “Think outside the box!” And while I understand the concept, the problem with it from my perspective is that it assumes there are no constraints or parameters. And let’s face it…in business decisions there are ALWAYS constraints and parameters that impact the possibilities. Instead…real...

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by Nancy Bleeke What does it take to be successful in sales, in sports, in any endeavor? No doubt, we need the skill to DO. But why do some people with all the skill not succeed? Why are the most knowledgeable also not always the top performers? It’s because of the will. Skill and will are the factors of success. What is the will? It is the driver of action that makes good use of your skills and knowledge. And it is made of four...

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