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If your sales well has run dry or looks like it is about to, then it is time to take action.  Kim has some sassy advice for what you can do to become your own Rainmaker! by Kim Duke One of the nasty little sides of selling is something MOST people won’t tell you about. It’s a place most women in sales don’t want to end up…and yet mysteriously will. What Is It?  When sales dry up so fast your mouth puckers. I call it The Sahara...

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How to Help Your Customers Buy

Posted By on Aug 23, 2012

By Jeanne Buchanan In our work with clients, we have observed that the most successful salespeople help their customers buy. How do they do it? These best practices advance their goals—and those of their customers. Define and communicate the possibilities to jointly create value Establish a target date for their customer to begin to realize the value Develop and execute a joint project plan with their customer Let’s take a closer look...

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